Muscle Bands ™
Muscle Bands ™
Muscle Bands ™
Muscle Bands ™

Muscle Bands ™

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It is not always easy to maintain a good sports routine. In addition to a busy job and other obligations, sports often fail. That is a shame, because regular exercise gives you more energy, a healthier body and a confident appearance . What if an effective workout would take a lot less time?


Our 11-piece set of Muscle Bands will help you get fit, healthy and happy. The biggest advantage? You just do sports at home. Train your entire body in an effective way, without the inconveniences of a busy gym. Will 2020 be the year in which you become the most beautiful, strongest and most attractive version of yourself?

Major Advantages:

Save time & money - Traveling to the gym is often the biggest barrier to going. Save yourself time and money. With the 11-piece set of Muscle Bands at home, an expensive gym subscription is no longer necessary.


Train wherever and whenever you want - At home or while traveling: you can train anywhere and exactly when it suits you. Thanks to the accompanying travel bag, you can easily take the lightweight Muscle Bands with you wherever you go.

For beginners and advanced - Are you at the start of your fitness journey , or have you already built up a lot of strength? The set offers a suitable challenge for everyone: big or small, man or woman, beginner or advanced: also for you!

Full Body - From arms to back, to buttocks and legs: the Muscle Bands help you achieve your dream body. 

What does the set consist of?

This will be yours:

  • 5 Muscle Bands (4.5 - 18kg). Combine multiple bands for even more resistance!
  • 2 Handles - for optimal training of your upper body
  • 2 Anklets - for strong legs and tight buttocks
  • 1 Door anchor - for easy installation at home
  • 1 Travel Bag - Take your workout with you wherever you go! 


Last chance: 50% OFF

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Our Guarantee

Are you not as satisfied with the Muscle Bands as you expected? No problem! You can always return the set within 14 days, we will immediately refund your money.

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